D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

One Act Plays by D. Richard Tucker

Duty, Honor, Profit              Drama 4M, 2F - 35 minutes

On June 5th, 2005, Colonel Ted Westhusing became the highest ranking officer to die in the Iraq war.  The Army’s investigation attributed his death to suicide, but a large amount of evidence pointed towards conspiracy and murder.  As Ted’s friends attempt to uncover the mystery, they come to even more disturbing conclusions. 
This is a true story.

Check, Please                     Comedy 2M, 4F - 20 minutes

A tongue-in-cheek look at dating, as Ted attempts to find true love.  

Figment                              Drama  3F, 1 either - 20 minutes

Since starting college, Liza has had difficluty distinguishing between real-life and her own imagination.  Her counselor is helping her through the crisis, but Liza's friend Jill isn't certain that he's helping.  When Jill confronts the doctor, things get even worse. 

Last Respects                       Comedy  5M - 30 minutes

Frank passed away and left his four best friends to write his eulogy.  Unfortunately, the four of them can't think of anything good to say. 

Writer's Block                       Comedy  4M, 3F - 30 minutes

Peek inside the minds of two novelists as they battle to complete their books. 

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