D. Richard Tucker, Playwright

Ten Minute Plays by D. Richard Tucker

A Very Lovely Dress  - (1M, 1F)

Tomorrow will be the most important day of her life, and Sarah goes to the tailor's shop to try on her new dress.  Why is the tailor so concerned?


Los Libros Malos (The Bad Books) - (1M, 1F, 1 either)

A comic exploration of illegal immigration as seen through the eyes of a librarian.


Downhill Ride  - (2M, 1F)

A crazy rollercoaster ride on the day before his 40th birthday. 
He's definitely over-the-hill.


Bloodpudding  - (3M, 2F)

Meeting your girlfriend's parents can be nervewracking, especially in a ritzy restauarant.  But what if they're vampires?


Brainstorm  - (3M, 2F)

Being the intern is never fun.


Cafe Stengel
  - (4M, 4F)

What if a restaurant were run like a baseball team?


Ornament  Talk  - (1M, 1F, 6 either)

Christmas ornaments are reunited after a long hiatus.


OKLAHOMA in TEN MINUTES  - (large cast)

The famous Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, reduced to ten minutes. I had to cut the songs.  And the dancing.  And that crazy dream ballet. 


The First Eviction  - (2M,1F)

What really happened in the Garden of Eden.


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